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History of Houston's

Houston's Greenhouse began in 1977 with Keith Houston's dream of building a greenhouse. Bruce (Keith's son) grew up growing plants under lights and bringing them outside to plant in the spring. His interest was noticed by his father and they worked together to start the business. Bruce met his wife in 12th grade and started dating at the end of high school. Together with Keith, they brought the greenhouse dream into reality.

Greenhouse Construction Rundown

Houston's Greenhouse started as one small wooden greenhouse. They were supported well by the community and built another wooden greenhouse in each of the next three years. They were only open in the spring and grew bedding and vegetable crops. At this point, they started growing poinsettias and easter lilies and expanded their hours. The small parking lot wasn't able to handle the spring traffic. In 1983, they moved their sales area to the existing location, adding 3 more wooden greenhouses and a 24x24 sales room with more parking. With this addition, they were able to grow a larger selection of plants and added christmas trees to the mix. Things were going well until a couple of their wooden greenhouses collapsed from snow and ice weight. They decided to start building metal greenhouses, adding one in 1986. They were seeding just about all the plants that they grew in the spring except zonal geraniums and a few other plants. The addition of three metal greenhouses over the next couple of years brought more production space. Then slowly they started replacing the wooden greenhouses with metal ones. In 1998, we took down the last of the wooden houses and built gutter-connect greenhouses with polycarbonate sheeting on them and also expanded our sales room to 24x48. They still needed more room in the sales area and added a second sales room and a gift shop to make them more customer friendly. Things were changing on the plant front with more varieties coming along that were only vegetative (from cuttings) grown. So to have the latest and greatest selection of spring plants they started growing a lot more of them from cuttings on top of their own seeded plants.

Our Employee's Roles

Tiffany Ripley does transplanting and is in sales. We are grateful to all of our family members and other employees that have worked for us (and continue to work for us), we wouldn't have been able to do this without them. Our customers are our greatest asset; without your support, we couldn't have "kept growing for you" for 41 years! Thank You!