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What We Do for Spring.

At Houston's Greenhouse we're all about variety. Chances are even the most avid of gardeners will find something they have never seen before in our massive selection of annuals and perennials. We grow everything ourselves in our 13 greenhouses; this allows us to grow the plants to a high standard at a price point that is hard to beat.

Bedding Plants

We started our business with bedding plants and even today it's what we're all about. You will find all the annuals that everyone else sells and just as many that they don't, at a great price with quality that is unheard of in the industry.


We carry perennials in all different sizes of pots and price points. No matter what your tastes are, there is a perennial for everyone! From our extremely popular 4" perennial to our harder to find 1 gallon perennials. Best of all, we make sure all of our perennials are rated for zone 4, so you don't have to do the research like you might at other greenhouses.

Specialty Plants

We sell our Specialty plants from Proven Winners and Simply Beautiful. They come in 4 inch pots that are the perfect size for planting and starting out in your gardens, baskets or pots with a bang.

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We sell over two dozen colors of Geraniums. We take pride in our large, high quality plants, thousands to choose from!

Baskets & Buckets

You'll find plenty of unique baskets and buckets in all sorts of styles and sizes. From a simple green basket to a woven cone-shaped basket there's something for everyone.

Trees & Shrubs

We sell all sorts of shade and fruit trees. From our ever popular honeycrisp apples to maple trees

Gardening Supplies

We sell lots of gardening supplies: soils, pots, statues, stepping stones, birdbaths, pesticides, fertilizers and all sorts of gardening nicknacks.

What We Do for Summer.

Trees & Shrubs

Summer is a time for trees and shrubs as it is an ideal time to plant these. We often get two truck loads of shrubs in the average summer ensuring that we have a good variety of shrubs and trees. Customer service also tends to prioritize this area.


Perennials continue to be a high point of interest in the Summer as we sell down on our 4" supply and introduce a greater variety of 1 gallon perennials for people to enjoy.

Big Sales

We often have big sales on specialty, bedding, perennials, and gift shop items throughout the summer season.

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July 4th Arrangements

We do a wide variety of arrangements for July 4th, highlighting with the colors of our flag.

Summer Restock

We consistently restock our main house with popular bedding plants.

Gardening Supplies

We sell lots of gardening supplies: soils, pots, statues, stepping stones, birdbaths, pesticides, fertilizers and all sorts of gardening knick┬Ěknack.

What We Do for Autumn.

Fall Mums

We carry over 20 varieties of mums including Mammoth Mums which are much hardier (up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit) than the average mum. We also carry mums in a beautiful orange deco pot that adds style and soil capacity to keep your mums from drying out and weight to help keep it upright on those windy fall days.

Fall Asters

Houston's carries 8 varieties of Asters that are resistant to Mildew and offer huge shots of color for any perennial garden for many Autumns to come. We recently just started carrying more of these in smaller easier to plant pots that are more affordable so people can try the different colors.

Fall Decorations

Decoration including Jim Shore collectibles, general decorations, scents of autumn in both our Woodwick and Yankee Candle line.

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Pumpkins, Indian Corn & Gourds

We sell locally grown pumpkins in a variety of sizes and many shapes and sizes of gourds both at a price that can't be beaten.

Hay Bales

Used for decorative or for protecting perennials. We offer these bales at a great price.

Corn Stalks

Often tied to objects to give beautiful fall appeal.

Fall Bulbs

For beautiful blooms next spring plant Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus, Daffodils and Alliums in the fall.

What We Do for Christmas


We produce a beautifully grown poinsettia which is produced with lots of space and just the right growing conditions. We also specalize in selection; with so many different colors you are sure to find something different for your holiday season.

Christmas Trees

We sell our trees indoors in a less windy, often warmer climate allowing you to pick out that perfect tree. Our sales staff is always around the corner to help you pick out, carryout, do some trimming and tying it to the top of your vehicle. We carry the following varieties of Christmas Trees: Fraser, Balsam, White Pine, Scotch, and Canaan.

Wreaths, and Swags

Beautifully crafted and beautifully decorated, our top of the line wreaths and swags crafted with either balsam, Fraser or a mixture of greens will be a great for welcoming your family into your home.

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